Friday, February 4, 2011

Barista Prima French Roast KCup

Manufacturer: Barista Prima
Manufacturer Website
Rating: B+

Today we continue our reviews from the new Barista Prima KCup line with their French Roast. The Barista Prima French Roast brews up a deep mahogany/rosewood color. It comes off the brewer with a tan-brown froth along with swirls and drops of oil on top of the cup. The nose picks up aromas of smoke, roasted nuts and cocoa/cocoa butter.

The palate leads off with more roasted nuts. There is a sharp initial bitter bite that drops off to a background of bittersweet chocolate. There are notes of hickory smoke and earthiness along with a faint orange peel note. The Barista Prima French Roast is medium-bodied with a hint of oiliness. The finish has highlights of earth, wood and BBQ pit smokiness, all over a bitter bite of 100% cocoa dark chocolate.

As expected, this is another great dark roast from Barista Prima. There is a nice woody smoke to this coffee, but most notable to me is a nice unsweetened chocolate bitterness. This coffee would be a great pair to a very high percentage chocolate, such as the Lindt Excellence 99% dark chocolate.

Speaking of high-cocoa percentage chocolates, join us next week as The Dark Chocolate Blog hosts a theme week of 100% cocoa dark chocolate bars. If you're after the purest of the pure chocolate rush, then we will have three bars reviewed to get you your theobroma fix.

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