Monday, March 7, 2011

Skull Splitter

Beer! goes medieval today with the Skull Splitter ale:

Brewery: Orkney Brewery
Location: Orkney, Scotland
Style: Scottish Ale
Brewery Website
Rating: B+

In my glass today is Skull Splitter, a Scotch Ale from the Orkney Islands in Scotland. Skull Splitter pours up a deep amber color with mahogany highlights. The head is foamy and a golden tan in color. On the nose there are aromas of fruity wine and a sweet bready malt, as well as a dry, spicy/woody note.

On the palate there is a dry fruitiness that evokes raisins and dates, but without bringing much sweetness to the party. The malt takes on a pretzel/pizza dough quality. Hops show up as hidden citrus and pine notes that take a few sips to find. Wininess and some oak are present on the palate as well. The Skull Splitter has a medium body that is quite smooth for such a big beer. There is a big, warming alcohol sensation that develops in the pit of your belly after a few sips. The finish, which is on the short side, has bitter hops that remain as the malt and fruit notes fade.

Skull Splitter is a very enjoyable ale. It is well balanced, and manages to be very dry without going too far and ending up over-dry. This is a big beer that drinks very easily. Be sure to sip this one, or you may end up waking up with a Skull Splitter of your own.

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