Friday, May 13, 2011

Radeberger Pilsner

Beer! is finally wrapping up our spring Pilsner tastings with one last stop in Germany:

Brewery: Radeberger Exportbierbrauerei
Location: Radeberg, Germany
Style: Pilsner
Rating: B-

Our next stop on our German Pilsner quest is Radeberger. The Radeberger Pilsner pours up straw yellow with a hint of gold. A firm pour ends up with a thick, clumpy white head. The nose is rather light. There are some lager malt aromas along with some floral notes (jasmine comes to mind).

The first taste finds a light, clean lager malt. It takes a while, but some bitter hops do show up at the party after a bit. There is a dry malt flavor of pasta dough with some spice and bitter hops notes. The Radeberger Pilsner is light bodied with plenty of carbonation. The finish finds more dry malt taking on a saltine character along with some lingering spicy hop bitterness.

The Radeberger Pilsner is very clean and crisp, with none of the off-flavors found in some Euro Pils (mainly the green-bottle variety). There is a decent amount of hops once you wade in. But for my tastes, this is just too light in flavor. If you’re a light beer drinker, then this may be a good introduction beer. Otherwise, I’ll be reaching for something with a bit more flavor.

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