Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Julian Hard Cider

Brewery: Julian Hard Cider
Location: Julian, CA
Style: Hard Cider
Brewery Website
Rating: B

Today we're breaking out of the beer box a bit and reviewing our first hard cider. Julian pours a very light straw in color, bordering on colorless and clear. The nose has a Riesling-like wininess, along with notes of banana and apple.

On the palate, Julian Hard Cider is slightly tart, with a quick zing of lemony tartness that quickly fades. There are sweet ester notes of bananas and circus peanuts as well as some sweet apples. Julian is light-bodied with big-bubbled soda fizz carbonation and a touch of juiciness. The finish is clean and crisp with lingering dry apples and yeasty esters.

Julian Hard Cider is clean and crisp, although the flavor is on the soft side. There are some nice yeasty ester notes that add an interesting layer of complexity here. This is a decent brew, but in the end I found myself looking for a little more.

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