Monday, February 20, 2012

Taza 70% Cacao Puro Chocolate Mexicano

Manufacturer: Taza
Cocoa Content: 70%
Location: Dominican Republic
Manufacturer Website
Rating: B

Today's chocolate tasting is something a little different. We have Taza 70% Chocolate Mexicano "puck" on the tasting block today. This is a disc of stone-ground Dominican dark chocolate. The chocolate is a deep reddish-brown in color. It has a firm, slightly crumbly snap to it with lots of small crystals visible along the snap line. The nose has cocoa with notes of plum and black currant.

The palate leads off with a liqueur note. It then moves to s fruity acidity with hints of plum, nectarine and some citrus. There is a fudgy undertone of brownie batter, Chewing the Tazo 70% disc brings forward notes of marshmallow and sour cherries. The texture is very course with a gritty texture and lots of crunchy crystals. The finish has stone fruit that fades to toffee, caramel and finally a bitter espresso note that takes some time to fade in.

As far as snacking chocolate goes, the Taza Chocolate Mexicano disc is a totally different experience from a textural standpoint. It is very coarse and almost crunchy with the smount of crystals present. The flavor is really nice, with a bright fruitiness and a nice cocoa richness. While I don't think I will be snacking on this again, I really can't wait to try this in a hot chocolate.

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