Thursday, February 4, 2010

Victory Prima Pils

Brewer: Victory Brewing Company
Location: Downingtown, PA
Style: Pilsner
Brewer Website
Rating: B+

I've been on a bit of a Pilsner kick lately, so today I'm going to keep the trend going with the Victory Prima Pils. The Prima Pils is light in color. It is a hazy, golden yellow. There is a light, foamy head that hangs around for a little bit. The nose is rather faint, with hoppy fruit and a touch of sweetness.

The Prima Pils flavor is led mainly by hops. Bitter and aromatic hops are both present in well-balanced proportions. The hops leave a lemony citrus note. There is some sweet, light malt present that plays a support role to the hops. The Prima Pils has a light body and some fizzy carbonation. There is a fairly short finish with the bitter hops sticking around a bit longer as the other flavors fade leading to a pleasant grapefruit note at the tail end. While this pilsner does seem to be a bit one-dimensional on the palate, it does quite well at what it does. If you like your pilsners on the hoppy side, then this has "session beer" written all over it.

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