Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ipswich IPA

Brewery: Mercury Brewing Company
Location: Ipswich, MA
Style: IPA
Brewery Website
Rating: B

Up for review today is the Ipswich IPA from Mercury Brewing Company. The Ipswich IPA pours a 3-finger thick, foamy, golden-tan head. It is amber-brown in color and quite hazy do to its unfiltered nature. The nose has fruity notes of cherries, plums and and the distinct grapefruit aroma of Cascade hops. There is also a sweet malty aroma akin to sweet bread.

The Ipswich IPA has a hoppy, bitter kick. There are notes of yeast and wheat toast. There is a hint of acidity and mineral notes. The hops has pine and cherry flavors, as well as a strong bitterness reminiscent of very strong coffee. The finish has lingering bitterness similar to unsweetened cocoa. The Ipswich IPA has a medium-to-heavy body with a chewy mouthfeel along with a touch of juiciness.

The Ipswich IPA has a fairly unique flavor profile as far as IPA's go. For my tastes, I find that the unfiltered nature of this beer clashes a bit with what I expect from an IPA. It just seems a bit too heavy and not quite crisp enough for my tastes in an IPA. While this is still quite a good beer, this translation of the IPA seems to fall a little short for me.

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