Friday, January 21, 2011

Barista Prima Columbia KCup

Manufacturer: Barista Prima
Location: Columbia
Manufacturer Website
Rating: A

Today's tasting is yet another KCup from Barista Prima, their Columbia. While technically billed as a medium roast, the Columbia is more deeply roasted than the typical medium roast coffee. Off the brewer there is a nut-brown colored froth along with a moderate amount of oil. The coffee itself is mahogany in color. There are aromas of roasted almonds and toast on the nose.

The palate picks up a cedar-like woodiness. There is some cocoa along with an unsweetened chocolate-like bitter bite. The Columbia has a moderate acidity leading to a faint note of lemon zest/oil. There is a notable roasted nut flavor as well. The Barista Prima Columbia is medium bodied and coats the tongue a bit. The finish has cocoa and roasted almonds.

Green Mountain has done a fantastic job selecting premium coffees for their Barista Prima line. The Columbia isn't as heavily roasted as some of the other Barista Prima coffees, but it does have enough of a bite for me. Easing back on the roast opens up some nice acidity that a heavier roast tends to mask. This is yet another must-try coffee from Barista Prima.

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