Friday, February 25, 2011

Barista Prima House Blend KCup

Manufacturer: Barista Prima
Manufacturer Website
Rating: A+

We're wrapping up our reviews of Green Mountain Coffee's Barista Prima line of European-roast style K-Cup coffee's. I have been eagerly awaiting my opportunity to try the House Blend, as this was out of stock on the GMC website for a while. I am happy to report that my patience has been rewarded in spades. The House Blend brews up a deep chestnut brown in color, topped by a light tan froth and some faint swirls of oil. The nose detects smoky, roasted nuts along with a fruity berry note in the background.

The Barista Prima House Blend hits the palate with a fruity acidity up front followed by a bite of espresso-like bitterness, which comes as a nice 1-2 punch combination. There are berry notes and a faint lemonade citrus note on the fruity side. Unsweetened cocoa is present on the bitter side. Woody notes of oak, applewood and smoke fill out the flavor profile nicely. The House Blend has a full, coating mouthfeel. The finish has unsweetened cocoa and roasted almonds over fading acidity and fruit notes.

As much as I have enjoyed the Barista Prima coffeees I've tried up to this point, the House Blend is truly the pinnacle for me. The House Blend is full-flavored, complex and strikes the perfect balance between acid/fruit and deep roast without either side becoming overpowering. To match the big flavor, the body is full with a sumptuous richness. The Barista Prima House Blend has everything I'm looking for in my everyday coffee, and will pair excellently with any chocolate that has a lively fruit note such as the Domori Porcelana or the Amano Madagascar. I can't recommend this one enough, this coffee is as good as it gets.

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