Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Chatoe Rogue Good Chit Pilsner

Brewery: Rogue Ales
Location: Newport, OR
Style: Pilsner
Brewery Website
Rating: B+

Today's tasting is the Chatoe Rogue Good Chit Pilsner. This is a beer produced with Rogue's own locally grown malt and hops. The Good Chit Pilsner is lemon yellow in color with some straw gold highlights and pours up with a big, white foamy head. The nose finds doughy lager malt notes with some herbal hops aromas.

The overall impression on the palate is crisp malt with a resiny hops kick and some faint sweetness. Herbal hops notes remain after the initial maltiness settles down. Hops notes of spice and pine sit in the background as well. The malt has notes of pasta dough with a hint of malt syrup. The Good Chit Pilsner is medium-bodied and is rather heavy for a typical Pils. It is really bordering on Imperial Pils in style. The finish is crisp with spicy and herbal hops notes and some lingering malt syrup.

Rogue has done a nice job producing beer with their own homegrown ingredients. The Good Chit Pilsner is a flavorful pils with nice hops notes. It is a bit too sweet and heavy to be quaffable as a lawnmower beer, but it is still damn tasty and well worth seeking out.

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