Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Long Trail Pale Ale

Brewery: Long Trail Brewing Co.
Location: Bridgewater Corners, Vt
Style: Pale Ale
Brewery Website
Rating: A

Today's beer up for review is Long Trail's Pale Ale. The Long Trail Pale Ale is golden amber in color. It pours a light-tan, foamy head that leaves behind a nice lace trail down the glass. The nose has a huge bouquet of hops, with notes of pine, grapefruit and juniper.

The Long Trail Pale Ale has fruity hops notes and malt up front. The hops bitterness builds over sweet cereal and wheat toast malt notes. The hops give a resinous bitter kick with notes of lemongrass, pine and grapefruit. The finish has bitter hops over a background of sweet malt. The Long Trail Pale Ale has a medium body that is well-matched to the full flavor of this beer.

The Long Trail Pale Ale is a hop-forward pale ale with a solid malt backbone. This beer just smells awesome, and the flavor has all the hops diversity that the nose detects. The Long Trail Pale Ale is simply one of the best American Pale Ales out there right now.

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