Friday, May 7, 2010

Pralus Indonesie

Manufacturer: Pralus
Cocoa Content: 75%
Manufacturer Website
Rating: A-

The Pralus Indonesie is a single source chocolate from the island of Java in Indonesia. The Indonesie is a purplish-red tinted mahogany. There is a rich bitter chocolate flavor along with moderate acidity. There is a distinct smoky/roasted note that has a meaty quality that almost seems "bacony". There are notes of hazelnut and chestnut. In addition, the Indonesia has fruity notes of blackberry, plum and orange. Chewing the chocolate brings forward earthy, woody and meaty notes. The finish has lingering black coffee bitterness with lemon peel.

The Pralus Indonesie has a very distinct flavor that works quite well. There is a distinctive rich earthy/woody meatiness that works quite well along with the fruit notes here. This is a unique dark chocolate that is well worth a taste.

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