Friday, May 14, 2010

Saranac Pale Ale

Brewery: Matt Brewing Company
Location: Utica, NY
Style: Pale Ale
Brewery Website
Rating: A-

Up for review today is Saranac's Pale Ale. The Saranac Pale Ale is a deep copper color with a light tan, bubbly head. The nose has a malt note that is very charicteristic of a British-style Pale Ale. There are also both herbal and fruity hops aromas.

On the palate the Saranac Pale Ale has a bready malt note. There is a moderate acidity that highlights cherry and plum fruit notes from the hops. There is also a mild bitter hops note on the tail end. Mineral and nutty flavors are also present. The finish has wheat bread along with a tart fruit acidity. The Saranac Pale Ale has a smooth, medium body with a touch of juiciness.

The Saranac Pale Ale is a tasty British-style pale ale that is smooth drinking with a nice hint of acidity. To me, this tastes like a fuller-flavored take on the Bass Ale style. This is really worth a try if you're a Bass/Belhaven fan.

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