Thursday, June 3, 2010

O.K. Beer

Brewery: Browar Okocim
Location: Brzesko, Poland
Style: Lager
Brewery Website
Rating: B+

Today we continue our Critical Tastings Polish festival with O.K. Beer from Okocim Brewery. The OK Beer is a deep gold color. It pours with a foamy white head. The nose has a characteristic Eurolager aroma along with bread and a faint herbal note.

On the palate the OK Beer is slightly sweet up front. There is a lagery malt flavor with bread and some vegetable notes. There is a faint spicy hops note along with some herbal flavors. The finish is short and lagery with some residual hop spice. The OK Beer has a crisp light-to-medium body, along with a faint fizz.

Okocim's O.K. Beer is better than OK. This is a quite a good European lager with good flavor.

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