Thursday, June 3, 2010


Brewery: Żywiec Brewery
Location: Żywiec, Poland
Style: Lager
Brewery Website
Rating: B+

Up for tasting today we have Żywiec Beer. The Żywiec pours a straw/golden yellow color with a foamy white head. The nose has notes of lagery malt along with some herbal hops notes and a faint winy fruitiness.

On the palate, the Żywiec has lager malt flavor with a bit of a wheaty note to it. There is a pleasant herbal/floral hop note with a slight bitter bite. The finish has a doughy malt flavor with some lingering hops. The Żywiec has a crisp light-to-medium body, and a faint prosecco-like fizz. Żywiec Beer is a nice alternative to the typical Euro Lagers out there, with much more flavor than the typical green bottle fare.

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