Friday, August 27, 2010

Coffee People Jet Fuel K-Cup

Manufacturer: Coffee People
Rating: A

Today we complete our trifecta of extra bold coffees from Coffee People. As far as I'm concerned, the bar has been set pretty high by naming this blend "Jet Fuel". I'm a big fan of big coffee, so let's see if the Jet Fuel delivers. The Jet Fuel brews up a deep brown, almost ebony, in color. There is a light tan froth along with a moderate amount of oil on top of the cup as it comes off the brewer. The nose detects roasted notes along with earth and spicy undertones.

Up front, the Jet Fuel hits the palate with a sharp bitter bite similar to a very dark chocolate. There is an earthy note along with some mushroom flavors. A black pepper spiciness is here as well as a roasted nut undertone. The Jet Fuel has a full body with a tannin-like astringency. The finish is nice and long. The bitter kick simmers down after time leaving a lingering coffee-oil and cocoa flavor highlighted by some spice on the tip of the tongue and a faint roasted nut note.

The Jet Fuel K-Cup really lives up to its name. This is a very bold coffee with a nice bite to it and a long, lingering finish. If you're a fan of really dark chocolate, or if you just like a coffee that bites back, then this is the coffee for you. I will definitely be keeping some Jet Fuel K-Cups on hand for when I need an eye-opener.

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