Friday, August 20, 2010

Emeril's Big Easy Bold K-Cup

Manufacturer: Timothy's
Manufacturer Website
Rating: A

The next K-Cup up for review is the Emeril's Big Easy Bold from Timothy's. As we shall soon see, and as one would expect from a product endorsed by Emeril Lagasse, the flavor on this coffee is truly kicked up a notch. The Big Easy Bold brews up a deep mahogany on color with a nice oily sheen across the top of the cup. The nose gets a big whiff of roasted peanuts along with a faint smokiness.

On the palate the Big Easy Bold hits you with a big roasted flavor. There is a nice, complimentary earthiness present along with some roasted peanuts. There is just enough of a bitter undertone to round out the flavor without being too assertive. There is a touch of acidity, along with a bit of a pepper spice note. The Emeril's Big Easy Bold is medium-bodied with a moderate-length finish led by roasted, earthy and smoke notes.

Timothy's (now part of Green Mountain Coffee) has a real winner on their hands with the Big Easy Bold. This has the biggest flavor of any K-Cup coffee I've tried to date. The Emeril's Big Easy Bold has a big, complex flavor with a really nice roast. This one will always be in my cupboard, and will spend a lot of time in my morning cup as well.

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