Saturday, October 23, 2010

Amano Dos Rios 70% Dark Chocolate

Manufacturer: Amano
Cocoa Content:70%
Manufacturer Website
Rating: A

Up for tasting today is the Dos Rios, a 70% dark chocolate bar of Dominican origin by American chocolate maker Amano. The chocolate bar is mahogany in color with a reddish-orange tint. Snapping off a piece of the bar releases a distinctive citrus aroma that is the first hint that there is something unique with this chocolate. The palate first detects this distinct citrus character (reminiscent of Earl Grey tea), which is followed by woody notes and clove. The Dos Rios has a moderate, balanced acidity which leads to notes of bing cherry and pomegranate. Undertones of caramel and black pepper play a complimentary role as well.

Chewing the Amano Dos Rios bar brings forward notes of orange peel, vanilla and sweet cherries. The Dos Rios has a thick, creamy mouthfeel with just the faintest amount of grittiness. The finish is dominated by fruit with a touch of bitter and roasted notes, akin to peach cobbler chased with a shot of espresso. The powerful citrus note seems to linger forever on the palate as the finish fades.

Amano has a real standout chocolate here with their Dos Rios dark chocolate bar. The distinct citrus note is supported by a nice woody spice. Amano has really nailed the level of acidity on this one as well. Any more and the fruit would be overpowering; any less and it would be flat. I've had other chocolates with notably distinct flavors, but none have had the balance and complexity that the Dos Rios has. The flavors here are just crying out to have Granny Smith apple slices dipped in it. Too bad this bar won't last long enough for me to try that out...

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