Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Dagoba Conacado (73% Cocoa)

Manufacturer: Dagoba
Cocoa Content: 73%
Manufacturer Website
Rating: B+

Today's tasting is the Conacado 73% cocoa dark chocolate bar from Dagoba. Dagoba is part of Hershey's Artisan Confection brand, joining Sharffen Berger and Joseph Schmidt in 2006. The Conacado bar breaks with a crisp snap revealing crimson/ruby streaks over the deep mahogany colored bar.

On the palate the Conacado bar has a rich chocolate/cocoa note up front. Acidity builds to a moderate level with flavors of blackberries and oranges. Faint flavors of hazelnut and black pepper sit in the background with a light roasted note. Chewing the Dagoba Conacado opens up notes of vanilla, strawberry, marshmallow and lemonade. The Conacado has a creamy, thick texture that coats the tongue well. The finish has black pepper and roasted notes with a acid note that fades leaving a faint bitter note and spice.

The Dagoba Conacado doesn't have the biggest diversity of complex flavors here. Despite that, this is a very enjoyable bar that is a good dark chocolate for snacking.

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