Friday, April 22, 2011

Red Hook Rope Swing Summer Pilsner

Today on Beer! - when good Pilsners go bad:

Brewery: Red Hook Ale Brewery
Location: Portsmouth, NH
Style: Pilsner
Rating: C

Up for tasting today is the Rope Swing Summer Pilsner from Red Hook. The beer pours up a deep golden color with some haze and sediment, topped with a foamy white head. The nose has some rather shocking aromas of butter and yeastiness similar to a witbier.

The bizarreness continues on the palate. There is a bit of tartness, some mild butteriness, and a yeast note reminiscent of a Belgian white or abbey ale. Bitter hops build with time. There are some mineral notes here, as well as dry lager malt way in the background. The Rope Swing is light-medium bodied, with a dry mouthfeel. The finish has lingering yeast with dry malt and hops notes.

I can't help but wonder if something went wrong with the Rope Swing. The butter and yeasty notes are jarringly out of place in a pilsner. This really seems more like an abbey ale in flavor. The sediment really leads me to believe that this beer was contaminated somewhere along the line. Hopefully this only affected a small portion of the batch, as this is not the quality I expect from Red Hook.

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