Monday, April 4, 2011

Saranac Bohemian Pilsner

Spring is here, and the wave of pilsners are starting to roll in over at Beer! Check out the Saranac Bohemian Pilsner:

Brewery: The Matt Brewing Company
Location: Utica, NY
Style: Pilsner
Brewery Website
Rating: A

Spring is here, and to me there is nothing like a good pilsner on a sunny spring day. Today's beer tasting this the Saranac Bohemian Pilsner and this surely fits the bill as a good pilsner. The Bohemian Pilsner pours up a light gold in color with a fizzy white head and very fine, profusely effervescent carbonation. The nose detects lager malt, wheat/semolina grain and some fruity hops notes.

The first impression on the palate is that this is a mostly dry, European-style pils. There are malt notes of bread and pasta. A distinct mineral water flavor is present as well as some "Eurolager" notes. Hops are notable with both herbal and citrus aromatics along with a touch of piny bittering hops. The Bohemian Pilsner has a light, fizzy body that is quite refreshing. The finish has pasta with lingering hops and just a hint of sweetness.

Saranac has a fantastic pilsner on their hands here. This is a light, refreshing Euro-style pils that doesn't hide the hops. The Bohemian Pilsner is balanced, flavorful and refreshing. You can't ask for much more in a Pilsner.

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