Friday, June 10, 2011

Caribou Coffee Mahogany KCup

Manufacturer: Caribou Coffee
Rating: B+

Today we have another coffee review - the Caribou Coffee Mahogany KCup. True to name, the Mahogany is a deep mahogany in color. It comes off the brewer ringed by a light tan froth and topped with oily swirls. The nose is a bit on the mild side, with some aromas of roasted nuts notable.

On the palate there is a bit of an initial oily bite. Roasted nuts and dark chocolate flavors are here along with a faint woody spice note. Overall, the flavor is smooth. The roast is notable, but not powerful, and there is minimal bitterness. The Caribou Coffee Mahogany is medium-bodied, with some slight chewiness and oiliness. The finish is a decent length, with notes of cocoa and nuts.

The Caribou Coffee Mahogany has some good, rich flavor. This is a straight-up, no frills, good nutty coffee. This will definitely be a staple medium-roast coffee in my pantry.

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