Monday, May 10, 2010

Beer Works Bunker Hill Bluebeery Ale

Brewery: Beer Works
Location: Boston, MA
Style: Fruit Ale
Brewery Website
Rating: B+

Beer Works is a small chain of brewpubs in the Boston area. They have recently begun bottling some of their more popular beers. After a disappointing Red Sox game, I popped into their Fenway location and nabbed a sixer of their Bluebeery Ale. This is normally served at the brewpub with a handful of mini blueberries thrown in the glass. While they weren't the mini variety, I did have some blueberries hanging around, so in the glass they went.

The Bunker Hill Bluebeery Ale is golden yellow in color with a short, white foamy head. The nose has the aroma of fresh blueberries along with wheat and bready notes. On the palate, a wheaty, biscuit malt note predominates. A fresh blueberry flavor plays a strong supporting role to the malt. The finish has wheat bread with more blueberry supporting notes. The Bluebeery Ale has a light-to-medium body that is crisp with a bit of juicy acidity.

The Beer Works Bunker Hill Bluebeery Ale is a smooth, easy-drinking, malt-forward beer. The blueberries here play their part well without detracting from the malt. Unlike other fruit beers (and blueberry ales in particular), this isn't syrupy nor is it like drinking a soda. The Beer Works Bluebeery Ale is a blueberry ale that beer lovers can get into.

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