Thursday, August 26, 2010

Coffee People Wake Up Call K-Cup

Manufacturer: Coffee People
Rating: A

Today we have another K-Cup from Coffee People up for review. As one would expect by the name, the "Wake Up Call" blend is a full-flavored, extra bold coffee. The Wake Up Call brews up a deep mahogany in color with some orange highlights and a faint oiliness on top of the cup. The nose has roasted notes, nuts and a faint citrus.

The Wake Up Call hits the palate with a vibrant acidity that is paired with a solid bitter undertone which hangs around without being overpowering. Complex highlights abound, with cocoa, caramel, citrus, almond and chestnuts all playing a support role here. The Wake Up Call is medium-bodied with some chewy astringency. The finish has lingering cocoa bitterness paired with a roasted nut undertone.

Coffee People have themselves another winner with the Wake Up Call K-Cup. This is a bold, complex coffee with a nice kick and some excellent rich flavor. Highly recommended.

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