Monday, August 16, 2010

Green Mountain Coffee Double Black Diamond K-Cup

Manufacturer: Green Mountain Coffee
Manufacturer Website
Rating: B+

We're starting off our coffee reviews with the Double Black Diamond K-Cup from Green Mountain Coffee. The Double Black Diamond brews up a deep brown color reminiscent of cola. Straight out of the brewer, there is a light white froth and a slight oily sheen on top. The nose detects roast peanuts and a faint smokiness.

On the palate there is some acidity that is on the light-to-moderate side, just enough to round out the flavor. Roasted notes as well as some nuttiness build with time. A mild bitter bite with some slight oiliness build up along with the roast. There are some nice earthy and smoky undertones that play a support role. The finish on the Double Black Diamond is a moderate length and has lingering roasted notes along with some smokiness.

We're starting off on the right foot with our coffee reviews here. As you'll soon see, I'm a big fan of dark roasted coffees with big flavor and the Double Black Diamond is right up my alley. The roasted flavors take center stage, with some nice supporting notes that really fill out the flavor.

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