Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Caribou Coffee Obsidian K-Cup

Manufacturer: Caribou Coffee
Manufacturer Website
Rating: A+

Today's tasting is the Obsidian K-Cup from Caribou Coffee. As one can glean from the name, the Obsidian is a dark roast coffee, very dark. The Obsidian brews up deep ebony in color with a swirling oily gloss on top. A golden tan froth rings my mug as I pull it off the brewer. The aroma has a powerful roasted character with peanuts and cocoa.

The Obsidian leads with a distinct dark chocolate flavor that clings to the palate. There is a rich, deep-roasted flavor with earthy and woody notes with a nice touch of smoke. Roast cashews and a faint bacon note are here in the background. There is the perfect balance of bitterness here to compliment the roast without overpowering. The Obsidian has an almost chewy mouthfeel as the oils coat the tongue pleasantly. The finish has a lingering bittersweet cocoa and roast nuts with a hint of smoke.

The Caribou Coffee Obsidian is a top-notch dark roast coffee. This is well-balanced, with big roasted flavor. The bittersweet chocolate note is what really sets this one apart for me. For obvious reasons, the Obsidian pairs quite well with dark chocolate (I paired my most recent cup with the Amano Dos Rios). Highly recommended.

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