Monday, May 2, 2011

Jever Pilsner

It was only a matter of time before this spring's pilsner tastings brought Beer! to Germany. Check out the first of many German pils reviews:

Brewery: Jever
Location: Jever, Germany
Style: Pilsner
Rating: A-

Our spring pilsner lovefest continues with some true German representation of the style. Today we taste the Jever Pilsner. The Jever Pilsner is clear straw-yellow in color, looking similar to an unoaked sauvignon blanc, with a short white head. The nose has a prominent lager malt character with grassy/herbal notes and some straw.

The first impression on the palate is dry crispness. There is the usual lager malt note, with a faint hint of green-bottle skunk. Hops take on an herbal note along with a nice bitter bite. There are notes of wheat toast, grass and baled hay as well. The Jever Pilsner is medium-bodied with a nice, crisp fizziness. The finish has long, lingering hops paired with trailing notes of malt.

The Jever Pilsner is a great European Pils, too bad it comes in a green bottle. This is well-hopped for a Euro pils. There is a distinct grassy/straw flavor that pairs quite well with the dryness. If you normally drink any green bottle beers, this is a huge upgrade that you owe yourself to try.

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