Monday, May 9, 2011

Paulaner Premium Pils

More pilsner lovin' over at Beer!:

Brewery: Paulaner Brauerei
Location: München, Germany
Style: Pilsner
Rating: B

We continue the pilsner hunt in Germany. Today's find is the Paulaner Premium Pils. Paulaner's offering pours up golden yellow with barely any haze and lots of carbonation. The head is bubbly white and fades fast. The nose has wheaty malt, dry white wine and straw.

The palate leads with a dry lager maltiness. There is a touch of acidity and juiciness that hints at a dry white wine. There is also some lightly toasted white bread and a touch of hops spice. The Paulaner Premium Pils has a light-medium body and is well carbonated. The finish has dry malt notes with a faint hoppy bite.

Paulaner's Premium Pils is a pretty good pilsner. It is slightly more fully-flavored than the typical Euro-pils. I appreciate the choice of a brown bottle, as there is no skunkiness to speak of. Paulaner's Premium Pils is dry and refreshing. It is an excellent choice for green bottle fans looking for a step up in flavor.

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