Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Patric Madagascar 75% Dark Chocolate

Manufacturer: Patric Chocolate
Cocoa Content: 75%
Location: Madagascar
Manufacturer Website
Rating: A+

Up for review today is Patric's Madagascar 75% dark chocolate bar. The bar is deep mahogany in color with merlot/plum colored highlights. The nose detects red wine, currants and oak.

On the palate there are earthy cocoa notes and brownie batter fudge. There is a bit of a black coffee bite of bitterness. Then the classic Madagascar citrus notes start to roll in with orange juice and lemon being most notable. There are also fruity notes of ripe berries and pomegranate. This chocolate has a snappy acidity punctuated by frequent squirts of citrus. There is a hint of oak here as well. Chewing the Patric Madagascar brings forward some fleeting earth notes followed by a wave of berries and citrus. The chocolate has a mouth-coating melt and a smooth, faintly astringent mouthfeel. The finish has rich, fudgy cocoa with citrus and pomegranate/berry juiciness.

The Patric Madagascar is one of my all-time favorite Madagascan chocolates. It has the telltale citrus notes typical to the region paired with some nice juicy berry notes. But what really sets it apart is how these flavors are paired with a rich, fudgy counterpoint. This bar hits the mark for being both savorable and snackable, which is a rare find in the extra dark chocolate realm. Highly recommended.

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