Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dove Silky Smooth Dark Chocolate

Distributed by: Mars Snackfood US
Cocoa content: Unknown (reportedly 50-60% per one source)
Manufacturer website
Rating: C+

I'm working late tonight, so today's tasting will be family-friendly. The hospital gift shop doesn't have a huge selection, and I settled on this chocolate bar as one of the few intriguing options. This is the small single bar that has no "% Cacao" designation, although Dove does make some bars with a designated Cacao percentage.

True to its billing, and typical of most Dove chocolate, this chocolate is velvety smooth as it melts on the tongue. The flavor at first reminds me of a cup of hot chocolate. There is quite a bit of sweetness, like a marshmallow dipped in cocoa. There is a fleeting hint of some roasted flavor, but otherwise there isn't much going on here. There is virtually no bitterness or acidity to note. It seems like any potential complex chocolate flavors have been drowned out by the sweetness.

To be fair, this chocolate bar is in no way marketed to the connoiseur. Most people who enjoy milk chocolate should enjoy this bar, and will enjoy the health benefits that are attributed to dark chocolate as well.

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