Monday, December 28, 2009

Green & Black's Dark 70% Chocolate

Produced by: Green & Black's Chocolate Limited
Cocoa content: 70%
Manufacturer website
Rating: B

I recently made a trip to Whole Foods and came home with a selection of chocolate bars that I am excited to review here. First up is Green and Black's Dark 70%. While their chocolates are relatively easy to find, for one reason or another I have yet to try anything from Green & Blacks until now.

The Dark 70% is a smooth melting chocolate on the tongue with a soft, creamy texture. The dominant flavor of this chocolate is a tart fruitiness, reminding me very strongly of fried plantains. There are also notes of cherry and lemonade. In addition, I pick up a faint background note of roast coffee bitterness that lingers as some of the acidity fades.

The biggest shortcoming for this chocolate bar is that for all the unique flavors on the palate, it seemed like the actual chocolate flavor was hidden. Regardless, the Green and Black's Dark 70% was an interesting chocolate that I enjoyed quite a bit.

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