Sunday, February 7, 2010

Ayinger Celebrator Double Bock

Brewery: Ayinger
Style: Doppelbock
Location: Aying, Bavaria, Germany
Brewery Website
Rating: A

Tonight I am celebrating the Saints winning the "Big Game". And what better way to celebrate than with a Celebrator doublebock. The Celebrator is a very dark mahogany in color, nearly black. It pours with a foamy, dark tan head. The nose has both bready and winy qualities to it, with hints of fruit and sweetness.

On the palate, the Celebrator leads with both bready malt and roasted notes. There is also noticeable alcohol with a winy character to it. There is a touch of sweetness up front that disappears quickly. There is none of the syrupiness that many other dopplebocks display. There is a bitterness that develops as the initial notes fade, with the flavor of strong black coffee taking over and carrying through the finish. Earthy and nutty notes play a nice complimentary role in the background. The Celebrator has a fizzy carbonation and a creamy, somewhat heavy body. There is also a touch of tannin-like astringency.

The Celebrator Double Bock claims to be the "finest Bavarian double bock beer" on the bottle, and I can't really argue with that. The Celebrator has a distinct flavor profile that really makes this a standout among doublebocks.

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