Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sierra Nevada Glissade Golden Bock

Brewery: Sierra Nevada
Style: Maibock
Location: Chico, CA
Brewery Website
Rating: B-

The Sierra Nevada spring seasonal beer is the Glissade Golden Bock. The beer pours a golden yellow with a touch of reddish-tan. The white head slowly dies down to a clumpy foam. The nose has a lagery malt aroma. Floral hops and sweet corn are also detectable on the nose.

The Sierra Nevada Glissade has a strong malt character up front. There are notes of piney bitter hops and rye bread. As the malt flavors fade, the pine resin character of the hops takes over, leading to a finish with a bitter hoppy bite. The Glissade is medium-bodied with some mild acidity and astringency. The Sierra Nevada Glissade is a decent beer, but the flavor profile isn't really up my alley. It tastes like someone took a European lager and then went a little overboard on the hops.

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