Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ratings Overhaul (Take 2)

As I do more tastings, I'm finding that the 1-5 system I've been using doesn't allow me much room to distinguish one review from the next. For example, there have been some 3's that are bordering on 4's and some 3's bordering on 2's. I've decided to change to an A-F grading system to give a bit more room to distinguish from one tasting note to the next. As time permits, I will be going back to the older reviews and updating their ratings.

Here is the updated rating scale I will be using:

A+ =  A masterpiece. These are truly the elite of their class that excel in flavor, balance and complexity. (This is the equivalent of a 5 on my previous rating scale)

A-, A = Excellent. These are some of the best of the best, that just fall short of perfection. (This is the equivalent of a 4 on my previous rating scale)

B-, B, B+ = Very good. This is something I enjoyed well enough that I would buy it again. A "one trick pony" that has great flavor, but little complexity or balance will generally fall in this category. (This is the equivalent of a 3 on my previous rating scale.)

C-, C, C+ = Decent. I would rarely turn this down if it was offered to me, but I wouldn't generally go out of my way to find it again. (This is the equivalent of a 2 on my previous rating scale)

D - Meh. Not horrible but not something I'd generally recommend. (This is the equivalent of a 1 on my previous rating scale.)

F - Did someone pee in this? (This is the equivalent of a 0 on my previous rating scale)

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