Monday, March 29, 2010

Kilwin's Authentic Origin Collection 70% Tanzanian Chocolate

Manufacturer: Kilwin's
Cocoa Content: 70%
Manufacturer Website
Rating: C

On my recent trip to Panama City Beach, I happened to stop in at Kilwin's for some ice cream. When I saw several chocolate bars from their "Authentic Origin Collection" sitting by the register, I decided to grab a few to taste. First up is their 70% cocoa bar of Tanzanian origin.

The Kilwin's 70% Tanzanian dark chocolate bar is mahogany in color with orange-tan highlights. There are flavors of bread, cocoa and plantains. There is some fruitiness reminiscent of cherries, berries and apricots. A fair amount of sweetness is detectable as well. There is some slight acidity present. Chewing the chocolate intensifies the fruit undertones a bit. The finish has cocoa and marmalade notes.

The Kilwin's 70% Cocoa Tanzanian origin bar has a smooth, though somewhat thin mouthfeel that seems slightly waxy. I did find the taste to be rather flat. I can't help but wonder whether the lack of vanilla in the bar may contribute to that somewhat. Frankly, this chocolate bar reminded me of some of the chocolate that I remember from generic Easter and Christmas candy as a child. And that is certainly not a good thing. I'm hoping that the other bars I picked up from Kilwin's are better this one from Tanzania.

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