Monday, March 1, 2010

Lindt Week

It's been a while since we've featured chocolate here, so for this week I have a full flight of dark chocolate lined up from Lindt. Most of you are familiar with the very tasty Lindor Truffles that have become ubiquitous as impulse buys at the cashier of so many retailers. Lindt also produces a great line of dark chocolate. This week we will be featuring a flight of Lindt dark chocolate tastings starting with their 50% cocoa bar and working all the way up to their big bad 99% cocoa chocolate.

Day 1: Lindt Excellence Smooth Dark 50% Cocoa Bar
Day 2: Lindt Excellence Intense Dark 70% Cocoa Bar
Day 3: Lindt Excellence Extra Dark 85% Cocoa Bar
Day 4: Lindt Excellence Supreme Dark 90% Cocoa Bar
Day 5: Lindt Excellence 99% Cocoa Bar

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