Monday, March 1, 2010

Lindt Excellence 50% Cocoa Smooth Dark Chocolate

Manufacturer: Lindt
Cocoa Content: 50%
Manufacturer Website
Rating: B

First up for review in our flight of Lindt dark chocolate is the 50% Cocoa Smooth Dark chocolate bar. The Smooth Dark is deep mahogany in color. It has a firm snap to it with a hint of deep brownish-red visible on the snap line.

The flavor profile of the Lindt 50% cocoa bar is fairly sweet. There are notes of cocoa, marshmallow, cherries, banana and caramel. The Smooth Dark bar has little bitterness or acidity to speak of. There is a smooth, slightly thin mouthfeel with a creamy cocoa finish. This is a good example of the typical flavors present in a low-cocoa percentage dark chocolate, but the flavors seemed to taste a bit watered down for my liking.

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