Friday, January 7, 2011

Barista Prima Italian Roast KCup

Manufacturer: Barista Prima
Manufacturer Website
Rating: A

Today’s tasting is the Italian Roast KCup from Green Mountain’s new Barista Prima line of KCups. The Barista Prima KCups are all deep-roasted varieties, so these should be right up my alley. The Italian Roast comes off the brewer with a light tan crema and a decent amount of oil on top of the cup. It is deep mahogany in color. The nose has lots of smoky, roasted notes that remind me of a big roasted porter.

On the palate there is unsweetened chocolate up front that gives a pleasant bite. Walnuts and roasted nuts are here along with a fleeting hint of banana. There is a touch of fruity acidity that hints at cherries and provides a bit of counterbalance to the deep roast. The Barista Prima Italian Roast has a full body with a slightly coating mouthfeel. The finish has lingering bitter cocoa notes along with roasted nuts.

This is my first taste of the Barista Prima KCup line from Green Mountain, and I must say that I really like where this is going. The Barista Prima Italian Roast is rich, complex, and loaded with the deep roasted flavors that I love in my coffee. I’m looking forward to sampling more of the Barista Prima line based on what I see here.

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