Monday, January 31, 2011

El Rey Gran Saman 70% Dark Chocolate

Today The Dark Chocolate Blog reviews the Gran Saman from Venezuelan chocolate maker El Rey.

Manufacturer: Chocolates El Rey
Cocoa Content: 70%
Location: Venezuela
Manufacturer Website
Rating: C+

Today's chocolate tasting is the Gran Saman from Venezuela's El Rey. The Gran Saman bar is deep mahogany in color with reddish-orange highlights. The palate has nutty notes of peanuts and walnuts. There is very little acidity of note, but some faint notes of banana and mango are present. Mint, oak and vanilla flavors are here as well. There is a note of roasted coffee, but it is way in the background. Chewing the Gran Saman brings forward notes of cedar, mint and some faint strawberries. The consistency is quite gritty and doesn't really smooth out as it melts. The finish has nutty notes and hot cocoa.

I must admit that I was quite disappointed with the El Rey Gran Saman dark chocolate bar. The construction seems rather poor with an overall gritty, nearly chalky, consistency. The flavor seemed rather bland as there was little in the way of either acidity or roasted flavors to excite the palate. With so many great chocolates being made with Venezuelan cacao, I had some high expectations for this bar, but this was a big miss for me.

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