Friday, January 28, 2011

Sierra Nevada Kellerweis

Today Beer! samples yet another brew from Sierra Nevada, their Kellerweis hefeweizen.

Brewery: Sierra Nevada
Location: Chico, CA
Style: Hefeweizen
Brewery Website
Rating: A-

In my glass today is the Sierra Nevada Kellerweis. This is their year-round hefeweizen. The Kellerweis pours up a hazy, golden-tan color with a thick white head. The nose detects fruit, grass and Eurolager notes.

On the palate the malt has notes of wheat bread. There is a slight sweetness, which is highlighted by notes of vanilla and liquorice (as in real liquorice candy, not black licorice/anise). There are some berry notes here, along with some yeast. The Kellerweis is medium bodied, with both a touch of creaminess and a touch of juiciness. The finish has sweet spices that linger after the malt starts to fade.

This is my first taste of the Sierra Nevada Kellerweis, and while I have never been a huge hefeweizen fan, I really like this beer. There is some nice unique flavor going on here. I know I will be adding this to my rotation of beers for the spring as the weather warms.

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