Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Flying Dog Gonzo Imperial Porter

Brewery: Flying Dog Brewery
Location: Frederick, MD
Style: Porter
Brewery Website
Rating: B+

Today's tasting is the Gonzo Imperial Porter from Flying Dog's Canis Major Series. This is Flying Dog's "big beer" line. The Gonzo Imperial Porter is nearly black in color with a faint hint of reddish brown. It has a somewhat short, light brown head. The nose has chocolate and roasted notes. There are also fruity hops, reminiscent of plums.

On the palate the Gonzo Imperial Porter has cocoa, smoky and roasted notes. There is a mild bitter kick, as well as some fruity hops. There are background flavors of grass and cucumber as well. Through all of this a powerful smoky flavor remains dominant. There is noticible warming alcohol. The Flying Dog Gonzo Porter has a fairly heavy body that clings to the tongue a bit. The finish has some bitter notes akin to unsweetened chocolate. The powerful smokiness seems a bit out of balance to me, but if you're a smoke fan then this may just be the porter for you.

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