Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Nirvana Belgian Chocolate Organic 72% Cocoa Bar

Manufacturer: Nirvana
Cocoa Content: 72%
Manufacturer Website
Rating: B

Up for review today is a 72% cocoa chocolate bar by Nirvana Belgian Chocolates. This bar is made from 100% organic Trinitario beans from the Dominican Republic. The chocolate is dark mahogany in color with a purple hue. The small, unadorned squares break with a crisp snap.

The Nirvana 72% bar has both bitterness and sweetness prevalent. There are roasted notes, salt, espresso, earthiness and nuttiness on the palate. The sweetness also accentuates flavors of apples and caramel. There is just a touch of acidity as well. Chewing the chocolate brings out notes of cherries, hazelnuts and marshmallows. The finish trails with roasted coffee and roasted nuts with some of that sweet marshmallow flavor.

Overall, the Nirvana Belgian Chocolate 72% Cocoa Bar seems rather sweeter than the 72% cocoa content would lead you to believe. There is a nice balance and some complex flavors in this bar. Despite the complexity, I found the flavor to be rather flat. If there was a deeper richness to the chocolate, then this bar would really meet its potential and earn a much higher score.

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