Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Xingu Black Beer

Brewery: Cervejaria Sul Brasileira
Location: Brazil
Style: Schwarzbier
Brewery Website
Rating: B+

Xingu is a black lager from Brazil that is very similar in style to European schwarzbiers. It is dark mahogany in color (nearly black), with just the faintest hint of red. It pours with a short, dark tan head. The nose has red wine, cocoa and a lagery malt as notable aromas.

On the palate, Xingu has wheat bread and wine as distinctive flavors. There is a hint of lager malt, berry fruit and some sweetness. There is a touch of acidity as well as some mild roasted notes. There is a hint of a steely, metallic taste as well. The Xingu has a juicy mouthfeel, with a fairly light body for such a dark beer. The finish has roasted notes, wheat toast and berry preserves.

I admit that the first time I tried Xingu it was mainly out of curiosity to try a Brazilian beer. I keep coming back because it turns out that Xingu is a pretty good dark lager. It can definitely hold its own with most of the European schwarzbiers out there.

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