Monday, March 14, 2011

Magic Hat Vinyl Lager

Today, Beer! looks forward to spring with Magic Hat's spring seasonal, the Vinyl Lager:

Brewery: Magic Hat Brewing Company
Location: South Burlington, VT
Style: Lager
Brewery Website
Rating: B+

With spring just around the corner, it's a good time to kick into Magic Hat's spring seasonal - their Vinyl Lager. The Vinyl is golden amber in color and shows a good amount of fine carbonation rising in the glass. The head pours up a light golden-tan color and is on the shorter side. The nose is fairly light. Aromas of lager malt, wheat bread, and fruity hops are all here along with a faint whiff of cucumber.

On the palate the Vinyl starts with juicy notes that lead into an off-dry malt. There is a rich maltiness with some Eurolager notes in the background. Mineral and earth are also here as highlights. The bitter hops are on the mild side and take a few sips to build up. The Vinyl is medium-bodied, which suits this full-flavored lager well. The finish has lager malt highlighted by a fading hop bite and some steely minerality.

Magic Hat has a nice, full-flavored lager on their hands with the Vinyl. While this is pretty much a straightforward lager, flavor-wise this is a big step up over the typical Euro/Canadian fare. Vinyl hits the right balance between flavor and drinkability, and is a great addition to your spring rotation.

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