Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Pralus Cuba 75% Dark Chocolate

Not only does Cuba produce fine cigars, it produces some damn good cacao beans as well. Check out The Dark Chocolate Blog's review of the Pralus Cuba:

Manufacturer: Pralus
Cocoa Content: 75%
Location: Cuba
Manufacturer Website
Rating: A

Up for review today is the Pralus Cuba. This is a 75% dark chocolate made from Trinitario cacao beans. The color of the bar is deep mahogany with some light red highlights. The nose has a deep roasted note that is classic Pralus, along with a bit of woodiness.

On the palate there is somewhat peppery spiciness. Wood notes of cedar and oak are here along with some leather. A distinct note of licorice pairs well with the spice and wood. There are roasted peanut notes and a kick of bitter espresso on the roast side. The chocolate character is rich and nutty. Chewing the Pralus Cuba opens up notes of earth, leather and roasted nuts. The bite itself is a bit waxy, leading to a soft, yielding chew. The melt is smooth, thick and creamy. The Pralus Cuba finishes with peanuts, black pepper and licorice with a bit of spiciness on the tongue.

I am a big fan of the Pralus Cuba. This is a bar that lends itself well to showcasing Pralus' classic deep-roasted style. The roast leaves a rich chocolate that is complimented by nuts and wood. Despite the heavy roast, the unique character of the beans shows through with a nice spicy licorice character. This is a great snacking dark chocolate and would pair well with a woody, dark roast coffee, or an oaked red wine that has some peppery notes. Highly recommended.

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