Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Gekkeikan Nigori Sake

Brewer: Gekkeikan
Location: Fushimi district, Kyoto, Japan
Brewer website
Rating: B

While I may not drink a lot of sake, there are a few that I've tried that I really enjoy. The Gekkeikan Nigori sake is one that I keep coming back to. For those of you who have only ever tried the lousy hot sake served at most run-of-the-mill sushi/hibachi restaurants, throw out everything you know about sake. Nigori sake is an unfiltered sake that is milky white from the sediment remaining in the bottle. Nigori is generally sweet and fruity, and like most good sakes it is intended to be served chilled.

The Gekkeikan Nigori is milky white with a slight rosy hue. There are fine particles that cling to the glass as it is swirled. Upon closer examination, you can see that the sake is actually a fine suspension and not just uniformly milky. The fragrance is sweet and fruity. There are aromas of cherries, almonds and strawberries on the nose.

The Gekkeikan Nigori sake hits the tongue with sweetness and fruit flavors. There is a noticeable amount of alcohol, and the sake warms pleasantly on the way down. There is just enough acidity to balance the sweetness and highlight the fruitiness of this sake. A faint hint of earthiness is also detectable. The milky mouthfeel gives way to a bit of a drying astringency. The finish lingers with a fruity sweetness. The Gekkeikan Nigori is very different than your typical sake, but its sweet fruitiness makes it very drinkable and enjoyable for sake newcomers and veterans alike.

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