Friday, January 8, 2010

Hale Groves Tangelo (Hand-Squeezed Juice)

Grower: Hale Groves
Variety: Tangelo
Grower website

The tangelo is a hybrid of a tangerine and a red grapefruit (or sometimes a pommelo, thus the name tangelo). The skin color ranges from a dark tangerine orange to a lighter navel orange color. The first thing you notice when you cut into one is that they're loaded with juice. I got nearly twice as much juice from three tangelos as I did from three red navels. They're also loaded with seeds so be careful if you're feeding these to your kids.

The juice is a yellow orange color, similar to a yellow peach. The aroma is sweet with both tangerine and grapefruit scents readily discernible. The flavor of the juice is quite sweet as well. The sweet tangerine taste seems to be the dominant character here, but there is a nice red grapefruit kick as well. The sweetness of this juice along with some of the interesting undertones would make this an excellent choice for tropical drinks like a rum runner or mai tai. I think you could substitute it not only for orange juice in drink recipes, but for pineapple juice as well because of the sweetness. Definitely worth a try.

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